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I owe my love for horror to the TV shows that started it all. Some amazing influences in my life and terrifying at a young age. And I loved it. 

Are you Afraid of the Dark?

(Don’t worry I didn’t forget Goosebumps, I just didn’t watch it, I read them instead)

Archie’s Weird Mysteries, totally gave me nightmares as a child

Scooby Doo

Bump in the Night, my mother never let me watch it, but we did during her bible study

Tales of the Crypt, still my favorite

And Mona the Vampire, she always made me feel like it was okay to be strange :)

Do you guys remember any of these? Any favorites you’d like to share?

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  4. wolfmansgotnards answered: Tales will always be a fav. as well as AYAOTD. Loved the scooby movies too, did you ever watch any of them? Ghoul School? Boo Brothers?
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